Tape hair extension

Human Hair extension plays an very important role on both black women and white women,and when

women choose hair extension,they will face too many choice,especially for white women there have

keratin hair,tape hair,clips hair,hair weft and so on,but one of the most popular product is tape hair


Tape hair extension is hot by most white people in recent years,it very convenient to use,you no need go

to salon,just can deal with by yourself(this is one of the reason why people choose),it is made of by

double tape on top,one size with hair,and another side is tape(be used on your own hair).normally a pack

of tape hair extension is 100gram,including 40pieces,each piece size is 0.8cmX4cm(this size is the

most used).the size also can be adjust according to customer demand.

When you choose tape hair extension,the most important thing is the tape,because if the tape bad,it is

easy to shed,italy tape is the best in the world,normally can last around 3-6months at least,it depands

on how often you wash your own hair.sometimes it is shed not the tape problem,some people maybe

will have a little mistake when wear the tape hair extension,the right way to wear is use the straightener

heat the tape side some seconds,most people not use by this way,so it is shed.

Some customer maybe will say hair will shed from the tape after reused,in order to solution this problem,

we have a update on skill,we do double line on the tape,by this can made it more stronger,and less

shedding problem.

Tape hair extension also easy to help you save money,because it can reused,the tape can be replaced,

and the price of the tape also very cheap.

Here we list some picture for you to have a look:

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