stop washing hair before sleep!

most people like to wash their hair in night,and after washing hair sleep directly.this is a very bad habbits!

most things brought by this bad manners.why can not wash hair before sleeping?

1:hair hard to deal with

please imagine,what the difference when you sleep with dry hair and wet hair ? when the hair dry,when you get up,the hair still the same,but when you sleep with wet hair,even you comb hair so neat.and the second morning your hair still will mess badly.and even comb also hard to go through the hair.the reason is that wet hair is the easiest to plasticity.during your sleep,hair will friction with hair,and also friction with pillow.

after long time like that,hair will hard to be straighten.

2:hair become worse

there have many reason to shedding hair,maybe scalp cold,and irritation of the hair follicle.some hair from grow time enter to end time directly,then hair will shedding.also when the hair wet hair with hair will have large friction,that made hair stretch become less,and when you press the hair,hair more easy to broken,in a world,sleep with wet hair more easy to shedding hair.

another scientific explanation is that from 3:00am till 10am is the time hair grow the best,in this time the pore will loose,and if you wash hair during this time,shampoo maybe will pore blocking.then caused shedding

then someone when wash hair is the best ? the best time for washing hair is afternoon,during this time,people body will the best and hair PH also mild.

sleep with wet hair seems is a small thing,but most good hair become bad caused by this small bad manners,hope you can share this article to more people to help them care hair.


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