skill of hair bleached and hair color dye chapter2

today we continute to share knowledge of hair color and dye.

a:what the difference between professional dye hair and colorful hair cream?

the processed of dye hair in fact is a way for hairdye and hair oxidation ,it is different with normal color cream.

color cream is the physical way use heat to opean the cuticle of hair,pigment factor infilter surface of hair,so that will cover surface of hair,so the pigment factor will be lost as you wash,but dye hair is the chemical reaction so the hair will last a very long time not fade.

b:natural dry better or hairdryer better after dye color ?

in fact both way is the same effect on hair,but sometimes in order to save time,we use hair dryer,and some brand color dye easy to fade during with the hairdryer.

c:highlight color dye which one is better? silver paper or newspaper?

we recommend you use silver paper,silver paper can keep the temperture fixed,and newspaper easy to broken,will influence the result of color.

d:how to jude the hair is porosity or less porosity?

porosity decide the hair absorption performance,normally cuticle fall says porosity,other words said less porosity,porosity easy dye,less porosity hard to dye.

and different people have a different hair material ,we should jude different customers hair,then according their hair find the best way to help them get perfect looking.


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