skill of hair bleached and hair color dye chapter1

more and more people and salon would like to dye the hair color as they here we share some skill and knowledge to you.

in order to reach the effects we should note the following question:

a:before dye our hair ,please keep the hair clean and fresh.

b:before dye hair please not do hair treatment cream and other hair styling products within one week at least.

c:please made all the hair smoothly before start dye hair.

d:please no use comb when dye hair,just use your finger massage your head until all the hair milk distributes to every hair average.

e:after the hair milk distributed to every hair average ,please not cover up or wrap all your hair,just let the hair spread freedom,let the hair full access to air enough,so that the hair dye ingredients

can play the most function.

f:when dye hair,not use the hair dryer or other machine heating the hair ,in case broken the dye hair color.

what question can not regardless when dye hair in order to let hair show healthy shine ?

1:less people will allergy with hair cream,so a skin test is necessary before dye hair,smear less hair cream on back of ear and inside of arm .waiting for 48hours and see whether have allergy happens.

2:hair cream should be start 2cm away from hair root,and smear the 2cm of root in final,this can advoid color uneven.

3:perm hair should be 4 weeks later after dye.

4:as hair keep growing,so timely dye hair can let hair color keep long time.

5:if your hair too dark or dye dark color before,we not advice you do too light color of hair cream,because that hard to colored.

6:hair cream can not used on eyelash or other hair products.

7:hair cream only can be used one time,the left can not be used again,because the ingredient of hair cream had been oxidation

how to care the hair after dye?

only good after care the colored hair can keep a long and beauty color,permanent hair dye is oxidizing ,so hair care is very important after dye.after dye,there still have alkaline and oxygen molecules from hair cream.

and if you not care,alkaline and oxygen molecules will keep reaction in your hair,and hair color will become lighter,hair will become dry and impaired.

family care:hair shampoo and hair conditioner is necessary to help hair add loss ingredient,so that the hair can keep fresh.

salon care:regularly nutrition hot oil ,advice your customer back to repaired roots color each 2-3month,so that can keep the hair color long-lasting.


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