silk top lace wig

silk top lace wig is a variation of the full lace wig and has the same advantages. I think it is much better

than the usual full lace wig.By wearing this,you can have a beautiful hairline, and your part will be clean and crisp.

you can be assured that you will find a wig that will suit your needs and style.In recent years,

the demand of silk top lace wig have a sustained growth,

and is loved by many people.Usually, customers may buy the common full lace wig But some times, they may order top quality lace wig,

It is named silk top lace wig.This kind of cap knots can be triped reverse so that this kind of cap can give us a real natural look.

The combination of injected skills and undetectable lace that we use allows your unit to have

natural look and incredible flawless hairline Hairs are knotted on the lace (bottom layer) first and vent hair through the silk mono (top layer).

Through this, the hair will look to be injected, because the knots are covered by the top mono layer.

It is the invisible knots, unbelievably natural! This is a wonderful feature as it solves the problem often

encountered by the difference in complexion colors with skin tops. ( There is no need to worry about the

inside cap top area color because there are two layer of laces on the top area and the upper lace color

is the same as the asked whole lace color and the upper lace can hide the nether lace well )

The crown area is made of two layers of mono lace and hide the knots well so that you can part the lace wig

anywhere you want at the top and the top is able to lay flat and lightweight and breathable with lace in the front.

Also if you want to know more info about the silk top lace wig or other kind of human hair lace wig.

we can introduce you also. Silk top lace wig provides the most real scalp. It is crafted with super fine

swiss lace

for a totally undetectable look. Silk top with Hidden knots allows you to part your hair and not have to worry about bleaching knots or wig caps!

To ensure that your silk top lace wig fits securely, we have three different sizes that you can choose from: 4 x 4”, 4.5 x 4.5”, and 5 x 5”.

With proper maintenance and care, your wig can last you 2-3 years with minor repairs.


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