Silk stop lace wig vs bleach knots lace wig

When women choose their lace wigs,they must be a few option make them feel hard to stop lace wigs or bleach knots lace wigs,this is one of the factor to influence their which is better ?silk stop lace wigs or lace wig with bleached ?

First you should know both silk stop and bleach knots all are a kind of technical to make the lace wigs seems more natural.

Here is the silk top looks from top:

Here is the bleach knots from top:

So from the picture you can easy to see some difference,silk top hidden the knots to enhance the wigs more natural,it like your own scalp,and the silk stop can adjust the scalp color as you want.

For bleach knots it is a kinds of way to reduce the knots color to make the wigs looks more from natural view,silk stop seems more better than bleach knots.

This is the surface difference,there have some further information can help you know silk stop and bleach knots more better.

From price view,silk stop is more expensive than black knots,in most company bleach knots all for free,but silk stop price decided by the size of silk stop.this is another difference silk stop with bleached knots.for silk stop normally have size :4*4,4*5,half head,full head.but bleach knots only have two way,one if full head bleach knots,another is bleach knots perimeter.

It seems silk stop have big advantage than bleach knots,is that right ?the answer is no,silk stop is a special design,it is be done by three layer different lace material,so when you wear on head,it is more thick than lace from ventilation view.bleach knots is better than silk stop.

but during we talk with our customers,we also met a question,many customer asked us to make a deeply bleach knots on their lace wigs.but in fact it is not,because if do a deeply bleach on knots,the knots will be easy to broken,that will caused hair shedding problem.but for silk stop design there no such problem.

So here is the answer we sort out for you when you face bleach knots and silk stop problem.

A:if you want the most natural look,and also can affordable the price,then silk stop is better for you.

B:if you want a better breath for your scalp,and a thin feeling then bleach knots is better for you.


Service team