Silk base/silk top lace closure

Lace wigs and human hair pieces and hair extensions have a very long history till today.and we also can

see all human hair products have a big improved in many places,but no mater which kind place

improved,the most import thing never change,it is reality.when people wear a lace wigs or a hair

extension how can be very reality is the first thing they will consider.

So when people wear lace closure they also have the same thought,then it comes silk top/silk base lace


We had talked before ,silk top the biggest function is to hidden knots,so after you wear silk top lace

closure,others will see the hair like it grow from your own scalp,then it plays the reality results.

But when you choose silk top/silk base lace closure,there have some advice for you reference.

As lace closure normally have three size it is : 3*4.5,4*4,5*5(this size least demand)so if you not

Do a special explain,we default the above size.if you have special size,we can supply custom service for


We both know lace color have transparent,light brown,brown,silk top on lace closure also have the same

for you to choose,but please note,when you choose the color of silk top on closure,it is decided by your

scalp color.

Price is another factor when you choose silk top lace closure,as silk top need more hand job,so the price

is more expensive than lace closure,when you choose a silk top lace closure you should note,if the price

too low,that means it is not a good job also means poor quality.

Finally,no matter you choose silk top lace closure,or normal lace closure,the top quality is the only way to

test.any question just leave us message through our email.


Service team