Price Should Not Be The Deciding Factor Of Human Hair Full Lace Wigs And Human Hair Bundles

In recent years human hair full lace wigs and human hair bundles have a widely popular during whole world.most women are addicted to achievement of lace wigs and hair the same time there comes such many kinds of price on both lace wigs and hair extensions.

Most customer will confuse for why there comes such big difference on let us do a discuss on this.

Human hair bundles-for same length hair bundles price maybe from 10-100dollars difference.

So where comes such big difference?

first is the weight of bundles,different company net weight of hair bundles is difference,yes,maybe the gross is same ,all 100gram,but hair net weight will have a big difference,some supplier net weight only 90-95gam.for our human hair bundles all net weight is 100gram.second is the hair quality,we know different quality hair price is big difference,let us give you an example,then you will understand which way is more reasonable.for cheap human hair bundles maybe 20dollars per piece,and you order 3 pieces price is 60dollars,but it can just last around one month,so if you want last 3 months,then total should be 180dollars,for our human hair bundles price maybe be 40 dollars ,but it can last 3-6months,that means 120dollars can use 3-6months,so by this way you can save 60 dollars,than means maybe the price you buy is cheap,but the quality can not last long time.

Human hair full lace wigs-human hair full lace wigs not have such a big difference like human hair bundles,but the price also changed widely,before we explain the price ,let us see two picture at first:

From picture can easily see the difference,one cap is not comfortable ,and another is more comfortable,this is obviously to understand,most people thought wig cap is not important,in fact this is a big mistake,we wear lace wigs in a long time,so if you keep long time uncomfortable wear that will bad for your scalp.another factor is the wigs life,like human hair bundles,cheap lace wigs maybe only can used three months,but expensive one can be used around one year,so by this way you can see which one is more affordable.


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