Popular hair texture of full lace wig for black women

Full lace wig is the most popular human hair product for black women,but when they face variety of hair

texture of full lace wig,they are hard to decide.but not worry here we list the most popular hair texture of

full lace wigs from all the world black women for you to as a reference.

1:natural straight hair texture full lace wig

There normally have two kind straight hair texture one is silk straight.another one is natural straight,

most people more like to choose natural straight,because natural straight hair more access to

our own hair texture(no people own hair is silk straight)

2:wave hair texture full lace wig

We always think wave is the most charming hair texture for women,and the truth is also prove that body

wave and deep wave is the most wave hair texture by our customers.

body wave:

deep wave

3:curl texture full lace wig

Curl hair texture is the most demand by black women,there also have two kind curl people is the most

choose.one is kinky curl,this kind curl also be loved by many celebrity,such as beyonce,another very

popular curl is African curl,some people maybe thinking African curl is the same as kinky curl,in fact ,

it is wrong,african curl is the smallest curl,here we attached two picture for you clearly to understand.

african curl:

kinky curl:

4:yaki hair texture full lace wig

In our past article we had explain the difference of kinky yaki,italy yaki,and light yaki.and during these

three kind yaki,kinky yaki(course yaki)and light yaki is the most popular by black people.

besides the above kinds of hair texture in some place also have some special hair texture of full lace wigs be popular,such as braid hair texture,water wave,loose curl and so on,maybe the hair texture we list not you like,it is not a problem,you can look around our web,we sure there must be one wig can let you exacted!


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