monofilament human hair lace wig

when people talked about all kinds of human hair lace wigs,the most be heard is full lace wig,lace front wig,glueless front wig and so on.but another kind of lace wigs also very popular by many customer,it is monofilament wig. most people maybe not know what is monofilament wig,but not worry,here we are.

the name of monofilament wig because the wig cap material is made of mono lace,mono lace is different with swiss lace,french lace and so on,first the hole of mono is smaller and thin than lace material,this made mono wigs normally will take longer time shipping than full lace wig,second when you touch mono,you can feel it harder than lace,so when wear it ,it breath is not as good as swiss lace.third,mono is thicker than swiss lace and french lace,here we attached on mono for you have a look:

monofilament wig normally have two kind cap construction,one is mono front back by machine,this kind is cheap,and can produce faster than second kind.

the second one is mono front and back by hand,this kind of wig need more time to produce,so the price of that is also a little higher than full lace wig,

usually there have two reason for people to choose monofilament wig,one is that some people think mono is harder than swiss lace,so the mono wig can fit head is better,then they can no use glue or tape on it,the second is that some people think it is thicker,then the knots is not abviously.anyway hope our explain can let you know monofilament wig better.


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