Medical human hair glueless full lace wigs

There have two kind people use Human hair lace wigs,one is for fashion,they follow the trend,it is no

much notes,and another people is for function these function use people there are some is just

hair loss,or they have some or all their own hair,but some people they lost all their hair.

Medical human hair glueless full lace wigs is most do for these people who lost all their hair.

Medical lace wigs is different with normal human hair glueless full lace wigs,it is designed by consider

most let us have a look this kind of cap at first.

This kind cap construction is made of thin skin and mono,thin skin around the perimeter and crown,by

this way the cap can fit your head very tight,and also avoid scalp touch the lace directly,thin skin is more

soft than lace,can protect the scalp,and sometimes people is allergy with lace,this way can help you no

allergy,second if you are allergy with glue,this kind of cap construction also can easy to become glueless.

Besides skin on this cap,all other part is made of by mono,we use mono(it is also can used lace,mono is

smooth and reality,but lace have better breath)because most our customers choose mono,you can

choose the material according to your own situation.

Besides the above medical cap human hair lace wigs,we also do other medical cap,no matter which

kind we do ,we have our own standard,it is : glueless,comfortable,and reality.


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