Lace wigs price,do you really know lace wigs well?

There are so many different price on all kinds of lace wigs,even same wig also have a big difference between different company,we believe that will make you feel confused! And also make you confused when buy lace we believe you will make more clear on lace wigs price after reading this article

1:what the factor decide the lace wigs price ?

We know when buy one human hair lace wigs,there have many factors decide the lace wig price,such as hair length,hair color,hair density,wig cap and so on.

So the above information we refered decide the lace wigs price let us know them one by one

A:hair material plays very important role on lace wig price.

There have a big difference between different hair material,for example,for same hair length 1kilo remy hair will have around 200-400dollars difference with 1 kilo virgin hair,1 kilo hair material,and 1kilo hair material can do around 4-5 lace wigs,that means each wig will have around 50-80USD price difference for remy hair and virgin that is why virgin hair more expensive than remy hair,another reason different company have different price on lace wigs,because the hair material source different,but this will have very less difference,1kilo maybe only 10-20dollars difference

B:hair density also will caused difference on lace wigs price.

Hair density normally decide by hair weight,for different company the hair density standard also different,normally will have around 10-30gram difference,but it will no more than 10dollars

C:hair color is another way influence the lace wig price.

There have many kinds of hair color on lace wigs,most hair color sample to dye,but for some special hair color must be use different hair material,such as color 60# must be used virgin hair to dye,(because virgin hair can less damaged on hair),so in this situation color60# and other light hair color will have extra money than black color.

D:wig cap

Lace front wig will more cheap than full lace wig,we also know that,and thin skin wig cap ,silk stop lace wig cap is expensive than full lace wig,these also known by you.

Besides above factors information influence wigs price.there also some others factors,such as different place workers salary different,and also factory rent price also difference,these also will be shown on final price.

But please keep in mind,though there are many factors will influence the wig price,but it is impossible have a very big difference,for example,if one wig many store sell 150USD,but you find one store sell only 80USD,that means it must unormal!

there are no easy thing let you to pick up.please keep in mind of this word!


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