Lace Tpyes for human hair lace wigs cap you should know

We guess most of you had know lace wigs very well.and you also know swiss lace wig,french lace wig,silk stop lace wig and so on.but we also note less customer can know them very well.

We often meet some customer ask us some question about we are write this article help you know better.

First : how many types of lace in market ?

The most used lace in market are including :swiss lace (the most be used),french lace ,mono lace,silk top ,and thin skin.

Swiss lace wig :this kind of lace wig cap is the widely used,it is the strongest and cheaper than other kinds of lace types

French lace wig : this kind of lace is more soft than swiss lace ,but as it is soft,so it is more easy to it is not as strong as swiss lace

Mono lace wigs:this kinds of lace type most be used on Jewish lace wigs,this kind lace type the hole on mono is smaller than swiss lace and french lace,so it is more natural than swiss lace and french lace,but as the hole on this kind lace is smaller,so it is also take longer time to make a wig.the price also higher than swiss lace and french lace.

Thin skin wig cap:this kind of wig cap mostly be used on women who have no hair on head. this kind wig type can touch skin it feels the breathability not as good as lace wig.

So if you have no special demand,not recommend you choose this kind wig cap.

Silk stop wig cap:this kind of wig cap is the most natural wig cap,but it is also the most expensive wig cap.the biggest function of this wig cap is hidden knots.

Hope our explanation can help you more clear with the wig cap.any question you can leave us message or send us email,we would like help you for all questions


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