Lace frontal

Lace frontal is another kind of human hair as popular as lace closure,in fact it is almost the same with

lace closure,you also can say lace frontal including lace closure.

The biggest difference of lace frontal with lace closure,it is the size,there are so many size of lace frontal,

such as 6*8.6*10,6*12,13*4,13*6,13*8and so the size have such more choice,so the silk top size

when you choose also have many choice.

Lace frontal also can use together with weft,it is also can used by individual,we both know not all people

shedding all the head,some people just a part no hair,so in this situation many people not like to wear a

full lace wig,because they think wear full lace wig not as good as wear a lace frontal.this also another

reason why lace frontal size is normally from this sight,lace frontal normally no standard

size(lace closure normally have fixed size).

In fact besides all kinds of lace wigs and hair extension,all other product can be said lace frontal,that

comes so many different construction by customer from different country.

Here we share some hot sell human hair lace frontal for you have a look:

1:silk top lace frontal with thin skin around,from the construction it is more like a men’s toupee.

This kind construction most be used on some people who only have hair around the head.

2:highlight color silk top lace frontal with clips.

3:mono material lace frontal

besides above construction lace frontal,we also can design as you demand,so if you want your own lace frontal,then contact as now!


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