Lace closure

When we pay more attention on full lace wigs,human hair weave and many kinds of hair extensions,in

fact besides these product,another kind of human hair product also very hot,it is lace closure.

Lace closure is a small pieces of human hair product,the main size in market is 3*4.5 and 4*4.

Usually only this size we named lace closure(for other size normally named lace frontal),lace closure

also have many kinds of lace material,such as Swiss lace,French lace,Mono lace,silk base and so on,

in fact it is a little like full lace wigs,for lace closure you also can choose baby hair,bleached knots,hair

density from 100-180%,all kinds of hair texture can choose and so on.but it have some its own feature,

let us show clear for you.

1:lace closure is the most used together with human hair weave/human hair bundles/human hair weft,normally 3pcs hair weave with one closure can do a full head.

2:we normally can see most people when wear full lace wig,they can use middle part,but for lace closure

besides middle part,there have many women in market also more like to use three part lace closure.

3:we both know full lace wig is used by glue or glueless,but lace closure is most be used sew to

head(some people sometimes use clips on lace closure,but it is not as reality as sew to head).

Lace closure is popular ,but when you purchase it also should note,there have so much different quality

in market,we only do 7a quality virgin hair lace closure,welcome have a look through our web.


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