knowledge of human hair products chapter 2 : lace front wig

in last chapter,we had shared the information of full lace wigs,and today,let us share the information of lace front wigs,

normally lace front wig have two kind,lace front back by machine,lace front back by we list two kind cap for you to compare:

the above one is lace front back by machine.this kind cap usually have 3inches(this is the most used by customer,besides 3inch,we also can do 4,5,6and other inches lace as you demand) lace in front and back with with combs also can wear that glueless.

this kind cap on front 3inch part can be bleached.

lace front back by hand.this kind cap is lace front back by hand,and usually be used for glueless lace wig.

both kind wig cap back have adjust strip,the adjust strip be used to adjust the size of the cap,so that can match the head very well.

for shipping time,lace front wig back by machine,usually need around 15days shipping,and lace front all by hand wig need around 18-20days shipping.

machine lace front wig breathability is not as good as lace front back by hand,because the machine one back sew with weft,so if you want cheap price lace front back by machine is better,

but if you want wear comefortable lace front back by hand is better.

compared with full lace wigs,there have a few advantage on lace front wig,first lace front wig is easy to take,second,the cap can be adjust by yourself,third,if you wear with combs it can glueless.

but if you use with out glue,it is not as reality as full lace wig with glue.

for another information such as hair length,hair color,cap size,lace color,lace material,hairline,baby hair,hair material,hair density,all can have the same choose like full lace wig


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