knowledge of human hair products chapter 1 : full lace wig

full lace wig is the most kind lace wig in the world for now ,when you choose a full lace wig for yourself,maybe you will meet some doubt,now let us explain every details with you ,hope can help understand lace wig better.

lace material:for now the most lace material is two kind one is swiss lace ,another is french lace.

for swiss lace is the most used,because it is strong,and hair not easy shedding,we had done many times test with different kind of lace (including chinese lace,korea lace,french lace),some people like french lace ,yes french lace is soft,but it is too easy to broken.

single knots & double knots:normally the most way for knots is hairline single knot,and after hairline 1 inch start double knots,double knots more strong,and single knots more natural but not strong as double knots.

baby hair : normally only have two kind baby hair one is only in front,and another is around the perimer.

cap construction:for full lace wig ,have the below construction,full lace ,full lace with stretch on crown,full lace with stretch from ear to ear.lace front with stretch on back.yu can choose the cap construction accoridng to your own head.for now the most use is full lace with stretch on order to let lace wigs more natural we have silk top for customer to choose,silk top can hidden the hair knots,when you see from outside,there will no knots,it like your own skin. besides silk top,some people also like choose add thin skin,only full lace cap can add thin skin around perimer,lace front wig,and all machine wig can not add thin skin,

lace color:lace color usually be choosed according to your skin color ,normally have transparent,light brown,and brown,dark brown.

hair material: this is the most important thing for you to choose your wig,because this part decide your wig quality,normal have virgin hair,remy hair,and non remy hair,during these hair ,the best quality is virgin hair ,it is totally all hair from one people head,and top and bottom of hair not be broken,all the cuticle in the same way, remy hair also have all the cuticle the same direction,but the hair not only from one people,for virgin hair the wig can last more than 2 year,remy hair can last 1-2year if you care well.

bleach knots:almost all people buy wig from us ask us bleach knots,because bleach knots seems more natual,all hair color can be bleached except color 1#,bleach knots have slightly and deeply too method,we normally recommend our customer choose slightly bleach,because if you are not professional,do deep bleach ,the knots easy to be broken,then hair will shedding.

hair density:hair density decide by the hole on lace ,so the hair sew on the hole more ,the density will more heavy,different company density is different,hope everyone before buy that please ask clear.

and other most import thing is the cap size,when yu measure the size ,please use the right way to measure every size,because if you measure big or small than actural ,it will influence you wear and beauty.

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