Know more of different kinds of human hair lace wig types !

There have so many lace wigs in market in recent days.and also have so many kinds of different wig cap constructions,but there also have so many unprofessional company in market,they named wrong of different lace wigs.then when customer received the lace wigs,they found the cap construction is different with the one in their imagine.

Today we had met such a situation,one youtuber ask for us one lace wig to post on her channel.

Before we shipping,we had confirmed with her,we asked you want full lace wig or glueless lace wig? The answer we get from her is “full lace wig” then we sent her one full lace wig with stretch one crown.but she write us an email ,said it is not full lace wig,we really shocked by her words.

And then we asked her what the full lace wig she received before ?she answer is : all the full lace wig she received with combs and adjust strip in back. So though many youtuber have many funs in their channel,but that not stands for they are professional on hair products,they have funs only be used to earn money.and now let us do an explain the right name again for the most used lace wig cap construction.hope this can help you avoid much problem.

1: full lace wig

What is full lace wig ? this kind wig cap most need use glue or tape.That is very easy to understand from the name,it is full lace around the head,the most cap construction in market for now have three kinds.they are : full lace wig without stretch on crown,full lace wig with stretch on crown,and full lace with stretch from ear to is the three kind wig cap picture:

full lace wig with stretch on crown:

full lace without stretch:

full lace wig with stretch from ear to ear

2:glueless full lace wig/glueless lace wig

There have another big demand human hair lace wig cap is glueless lace wigs,for this kind of wig cap,there are have a common feature on them,they are all have combs and adjust strip in back.

Please note for glueless cap as the technology different one is all by hand,and another kind is lace front back by machine.lace front back by machine also named lace front wig,price much cheaper than all by hand,here we attchached picture:

hand made glueless full lace wig:

lace front glueless wig/lace front wig/lace front back by machine wig:

So no matter you buy which kind human hair wigs .and buy online or in store.choose a professional supplier is very important.product professional,then quality will professional,everything will professional.there also can save you much time and money.

Any other question,please communicated with us!


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