Keratin hair extensions

There have a variety of human hair products,and each kind of hair products also have parts of customer to choose,besides hair weaving,

human hair full lace wigs,lace closures,keratin hair extensions also is a good way to let us know more about keratin hair

extensions,so that can use that very well.

1:how many kinds of keratin hair in market?

For different country there have different name of keratin hair extensions,but mainly it have the following kinds,and they all belongs keratin is itip hair extension(also name stick hair extension/),fusion hair extension(also named nail hair extension),micro loops hair


2:how many size of keratin hair extensions?

According to market demand,there have a few size of keratin,they are 1gram,0.8gram,and 0.5gram.

3:how to use keratin hair extension?

As keratin hair extensions normally have three kinds,so there also have three ways to use keratin hair extensions,first itip hair extension

/stick hair extension,this kind of hair extension is no harmful on hair,it is 100% physics use,it normally need a pliers and micro beads,

then put your own hair through the beads,and insert the itip hair,then grip the beads by pliers,besides itip,there also have utip hair,vtip hair,

and also flat tip hair extensions,for this kind of keratin hair extensions it should heating,use the temperature to melt the keratin,then can

glue the hair extension with your own hair.another kind is the micro loop hair extension,for this kind also 100% physics hair extension,it is

similar like itip hair,but there have a little difference,it have the silk thread,can be easy add the extentions to your own hair,and then use

pliers tight the micro loop.

4:how to apart the different type keratin hair?

In order to let you understand better,here we attached different kinds of keratin hair extensions for you have a look:

iTip hair /stick hair :

utip hair extensions

micro loop hair extensions


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