Just 30 seconds of 5 tips let your hair make you more beauty!

Hairstyle is the most important thing for a people’s beauty.for some situation maybe you want to quickly change your hairstyle easy,but you don’t want to give us your personal style.then please study the 5 small tips,it will let your hairstyle more fashion and special at once.

1:use a ring ponytail instead of low ponytail

Ponytail maybe the most be used by women all over the world.but when we do ponytail eveyday.have you try to do some new design?the ring ponytail is a good way.

Compared with low ponytail,ring ponytail is a more beauty and convenient change,it doesn’t look too formal,not too stiff.can perfect match the summer backless.

It is easy to do ,when you do low ponytail,not pull the ponytail out of the rubber band,do the ponytail to a right,and then tie it up.

2:with a hand to grasp fluffy and sexy hair

If you are tried of every day silk and long hair,why not have a try to creative a hairstyle by your hand?most women would like to make their own hair looks more silk and straight with combs and hair dryer,but with hand can let your hair look more natural.you can use hair dryer make your own hair dry around 80%,then use your hand to do the natural style as you want.

3:use high bun instead of ponytail

In most times when we are in urgent to go out,we normally do a sample pontail.but if you would like to be seen more fresh and energetic,then a high bun is a good choice.do your hair to a high ponytail at first,and then followed by a circle around the top of head,finally fixed by hairpin.

4:wear headdress on wave hair

Decorating a slightly exaggerated headdress not looks stylish,and you may need only spend 30seconds more.like the wavy hair in the picture with a pearl ornaments,will let you more charming,and will not cost you mush time.

5:black ribbon instead of normal ring

A simple black ribbon can immediately enhance the sense of retro and stylish.before the ribbon is tied to the hair,rub a little bit of hair oil can let the hair more smooth.

These small tips not only looks sample,and easy to do .and also can bring you different feeling,so what are you waiting for ?


Service team