image of South Africa full lace wig

South Africa's population is dominated by blacks,and this is quite different from our Asians.

Their physical structure are also some of the difference with us, hair is one of them.

In fact,we always can see the black women have a long hair ,and most of them like to keep their hair

into a head of small braids,including some NBA stars who we are very familiar .They also show their

braids style.Most of the South Africa person choose this,is this their special aesthetic vision?

As a matter of fact,this is because their special hair which is quite strange.Their hair is very thin

and also quite fragile.Usually the black men’s hair is a little curly and when it grows to a certain extent ,

it will be broken,so their hair cannot grow long.

So what the black women can do when they want a long hair?Yes,they can only wear a full lace wig,

In South Africa,we can find that full lace wig is widely used,it is quite a common phenomenon.

Not only women but also men can wear the full lace wig.Even so,different people have different

methods to wear it,some people prefer to wear the full lace wig on their head directly.But some other

people like to combine the full lace wig with their own hair,put them together and then comb them into

many small braids.we are always curious about that,how can they wash the hair?we can’t ask the local

people personally,I guess they are likely to do the whole hair washing.This is just my guess, because

I see their hair is not shiny as our Asians,they also look a little bit dirty,hah,is that true?

Because of the africans’ large demand of full lace wig,therefore,many Chinese people are doing

full lace wig business in Africa.I don’t know whether it is because the Chinese people do the wig

business or other reasons,many South Afirca people’s full lace wig is dominated by the black colour.

Of course,South Africa’s hair is also mainly black and brown.For them,they may prefer to choose the

similar color when they buy a full lace wig.


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