Human hair lace wigs for white women

Wigs is not only for black women,it is also in big demand during white women,that is not a secret.and in fact white women in a big

demand on lace wigs,both synthetic hair lace wigs and human hair lace let us see the feature.

1:hair color for lace wigs

We know that hair color should match the skin color,so for white women,they normally like choose dark brown hair color,and blonde

full lace wigs (that is why most of them like color60#)is the most we sell to white women,besides this ombre color lace wigs also

the most demand,especially dark color at root,and lighter color at bottom.

2:lace material of wigs

The most be demanded cap is silk top and mono lace wigs,compared with swiss lace ,they prefer french lace.

3:cap construction of lace wigs

According to our check,there have four kinds lace wig cap construction they like,they are full lace wigs,glueless full lace wigs,silk top

lace wigs,and mono front back by machine wigs,and they almost no like lace front back by machine wigs.

4:hair texture of lace wigs

Different with wigs for black women,white women less hair texture.they usually love natural straight,body wave,deep wave,we are not

sure why they not like curl or others hair texture.

5:hair material of lace wigs for white women

Both black women and white women love virgin hair lace wigs,but black women more like brazilian virgin hair,perusian virgin hair,and

indian hair.and white women more like asia hair such as chinese virgin hair,mongolian virgin hair,and malaysian virgin hair,of course

they also like european virgin hair.


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