Human hair lace wigs for men

When we talked about human hair lace wigs,the first impression in your mind is women use.less people

can relation to man,for sure in past almost no men wear human hair lace wigs,in most people’s eyes,

men no wear wigs or they only wear toupees,but now this had changed.

In traditional way,men most only wear toupee,but as human hair lace wigs become popular,more and more people start know that,

for now it is not only women’s human hair lace wigs,it start popular from men!

So what advantage of lace wig have compared with toupee?

1:toupee most material is mono and thin skin,it also have lace,but very less,so the breath function lace wig is more better than toupee.

2:the most toupee hair length is 6-8inch,it also have length 10-14inch,but less,we both know if the hair short,then it is easy to be seen

wear a toupee by other people,so lace wigs can be more natural than toupee.

3:for human hair lace wigs hair length can do from 4-36inch,and most people would like to do some fashion hairstyle as they like,so

the more hair length they have,the more hairstyle people can choose.

4:human hair lace wig can have a better match for head,we both know toupee normally only around crown,but lace wig can let your

whole head within lace wigs,that can make you more comfortable.

So if you still hesitate choose toupee or lace wigs,then we recommend you choose lace wigs have a try,you will love it!


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