Human Hair Full Lace Wigs VS Synthetic Full Lace Wigs

If you said full lace wigs the most popular lace wigs,we think nobody will object to is also true.most people first impression only synthetic lace front wigs.but there have also synthetic full lace wigs in market.human hair full lace wigs or synthetic full lace wigs?.now we do some compare to help you make more clear.

1: synthetic full lace wigs

Most people maybe confused,since synthetic hair lace front wigs more cheap,why pay extra money on synthetic full lace wig?yes ,it is true that synthetic lace front wigs is more be acceptable,but compared with synthetic full lace wig,it is obvious that,synthetic full lace wig have better natural looking and air permeability.but what the advantage compared with human hair full lace wigs?first:synthetic full lace wig more cheaper than human hair full lace if you want experience good design of full lace wig cap,but budget have limited,then why not try synthetic full lace wig.second:more colorful to choose,if you are tried of all human hair colors,and want to try a new or special hair color,then synthetic hair color must be your first never worry you can not find beauty synthetic hair color.the only you do is choose.third:more hairstyle can try.we all know that when you face human hair full lace wigs,not all hairstyle is make sense,even it can make sense,it is still not as perfect as you want.synthetic hair can easy to solution this can do all kinds hair style as you want,it all can meet your demand perfect,and you also no need worry damaged your hair.

2: human hair full lace wigs

Human hair products still the most be used on market for now,and human hair full lace wig maybe the most demand during all human hair what the advantage when compared with synthetic hair full lace wigs?

A:more natural,this is the most important reason for people why love human hair full lace wigs than synthetic hair.human hair can perfect mixed your own hair,people will hard to apart with your own hair.for synthetic hair if you deal with not good,it is easy to become shiny.with human hair you never worry this problem happen.and also human hair have the best feel than synthetic hair wigs.

B:long life,we both know for quality human hair full lace wigs if you care well,it can last 1-2years,even 3 years.but synthetic full lace wigs can not last as long as human hair full lace wig.from this view it can help you save much time and money.

C:more easy to process.we know most people would like to do some trial on their lace wigs,such as bleach knots,dye hair color,bleach hair and so on.human hair more easy and flexible to do this as you want.

For some reason,some people can only wear human hair full lace wigs or synthetic hair wigs,so no matter which kind hair wigs you choose,you should familiar for that.choose right lace wigs will do a great help for you.


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