How To Take Care Of Synthetic Hair Lace Wigs?

Many women know wear lace wigs will bring them new looking,no matter human hair lace wigs or synthetic hair lace wigs,but we know wigs is not cheap,we can not change them so frequently,most of you had very familiar with care human hair lace wigs,and now let us see how to take care of synthetic hair lace wigs,as we only supply stand high temperature synthetic hair,so cheaper synthetic hair we will not talk.

1: how to wash synthetic lace wigs?

Though it is different material with human hair lace wigs,but wash synthetic hair is same with human hair wigs,put the wigs in cold water,and slightly massage on hair,also dry the hair by natural way.don’t rub the hair! And when you dry the hair,please note avoid the strong sunshine.

2: can i do style or straighten the hair ?

We know many girls like do many different tries on the synthetic hair wigs,and it is for sure can make sense,but as the synthetic hair is high temperature stand,so it can not exceed 180degrees.

If the temperature to high ,the hair will when you straighten or curl your hair,please control the temperature within 180degrees.

3:can i dye the synthetic hair ?

When you wear the synthetic hair wigs for a long time,maybe you are tried of the color,then you want change a hair color,most of you would like to dye the hair color by themself.can we dye synthetic hair by ourself ?the answer is yes,synthetic hair also can be dye.but it have some difference with human hair,when you dye synthetic hair,please keep the hair dry.and so that can do an exact hair color as you want,also when you start to dye the hair.please use the professional dying on synthetic hair(not use human hair dying on synthetic hair).also it is should be keep longer time than usual for synthetic hair dye.please keep one thing in mind,the lighter based hair color you do,more easy to be dye.

4:can synthetic hair can do bleached knots?

We know many women would like use bleached knots on human hair lace wigs,and it is also wanted on synthetic hair,but please note,synthetic hair can not do bleached knots.

5:how to comb synthetic hair wigs

Compared with human hair wigs,girls more like longer synthetic hair such as 24inch and 26inch,because there is no extra money on hair length of synthetic hair wigs,but the long hair you choose,the more opportunity tangle will avoid tangle,you should come the hair more often,it is should combe the hair from hair tips,and use the wide teeth combs,then step by step .final to comb at root.

6:how to take care of curl synthetic hair wigs?

When we faced curl synthetic hair wigs,we are forbidden to deal with by combs,you have to use your hand to deal with the curl,by this way can less tangle,and also can keep the curl shape.

Synthetic hair have more hair color then human hair wigs,since you had decided with synthetic hair.then learn how to take care of synthetic hair wigs is necessary.for more question welcome communicate with us.


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