How to take care of light color human hair lace wigs ?

Most women will try a few times light color on their lace wigs.such as color60,color 613#,color 27# and many other light color.but most of women not awake to what the difference take care of light color human hair lace wigs with black color human hair lace wigs,so how to take care of light color human hair lace wigs?

We know when dye our own hair,after dye that we will found our hair become more easy to dry,and loose natural gloss.when do light color on human hair lace wigs,it is also the same way like you dye hair from compared with dark hair,light color lace wigs more processed.but not like our own hair,it have nutrition from ourself,hair on human hair lace wigs can not get nutrition from necessary hair care is important.

1:fade hair color

Blonde color human hair lace wig fade hair color maybe not important,but if you dye fresh color on lace wigs,such as red,blue,pink and so for this kinds of hair on lace wigs,fade hair color can not avoid,even our own hair also fade how to try our best to avoid fade hair color?there have a few tips:

A:not wash the lace wigs too often.the more often you wash the lace wigs,the more possible fade hair color.

B:use low temperature water to wash the lace wigs.

C:use some color lock hair conditioner.

Please note the above tips just can help less fade color,can not avoid fade color.

2: hair dry

Another big problem you will meet is hair become dry(because the hair deeply bleached,most cuticle on hair be broken).

First:use hair conditioner(most women know this).so we will not do a further explain.

Second way:soak the towel in mild water around 5 mintutes.then take it out ,and cover the human hair ace wig,let the lace wig absorb the water on the towel.and wrap it around 10 mintutes.

Third method:Choose commonly used hair care spray for nursing, in about 10 to 20 centimeters away from the hair above the use of water on the hair

3:tangle problem.

In most situation,hair dry is the main reason to caused hair tangle.besides hair dry reason,we can do something to aviod most times hair tangel from hair tips we can use Scissors to trimming the hair tips.another way is to take off the lace wigs when you sleep.(so glueless lace wig is better).

Please note each one there have different feeling and habits to wear lace wigs.all we can do is just advice,not absolutely.


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