How to take care of human hair lace wigs?

Are you wearing a human hair lace wigs? Are you headache how to keep your human hair lace wigs last longer ?and if you have same doubt,then you are in right place !

Good quality Human hair lace wigs is not cheap !

We had done some research from our customers,normally one women every year need around 3-4pieces lace wigs.acturaly it is not a small how to extend a human hair lace wigs lifetime it is great value!

Before we start,let us see what the most problems on human hair lace wigs is the most we met ?

They are tangle,they are shedding,they are too dry.above three maybe the most problem we normally met.

1:how to avoid human hair lace wigs tangle?

Acturally tangle problem can combine with hair dry together to explain.the hair more dry,it will more easy to tangle.

Frankly to say,there have two reason for tangle,one is the wigs quality problem,another reason is the wrong manners caused tangle.

For quality problem,then you will helpless.but if bad manners,we can solution by ourself!

A:try to take off the human hair lace wigs before you sleep.

acturally more customers can not do this,especially for women who wear full lace wigs,it is not easy to change their habits.if you feel take off lace wigs before sleep is hard for you ,then at least you should comb your hair on wigs before sleep.this way also can help you reduce tangle problem.

B:use right way to care hair exture on your hair.

More people would like try different kind of hair texture on hair,such as straight,wave,curl,kinky straight.during these hair texture,curly hair and kinky straight yaki hair more easy to tangle.

So how to care hair texture more important,for curl hair on lace wig acturally we not recommend you comb by brush,the best way to deal with curl hair,it is to by finger.use the finger slightly to go through the hair,please keep in mind,no powerful on your finger!

Another kind hair texture also easy tangle if you deal not is kinky straight yaki hair,when you choose this kind of hair texture,please not choose too thick density,it is not easy for you to maintain.

C:not let your hair too dry!

we know hair need nutrition,but hair on lace wigs no nutrition,so that need us use hair conditioner to keep hair more better,so you need to use hair conditioner on hair every time.

D:choose right hair length for you.

Every women love thick and long hair,that is truth,but not the longer the better,also not the thick the better,because the longer hair and the thicker hair you choose,that means it is more hard to care.also will add the rate to make tangle.

Besides above factors when you wear lace wigs,there also have others way maybe cause your hair tangle is the time when you wash wigs.

There ave many bad manners will cause tangle,such as use hair dryer,comb the hair when it is wet,comb hair in wrong way.rub hair powerful and so on.

Follow things please keep in mind !

First:don’t use hair dryer on lace wigs !second:don’t comb the hair on wigs when it is wet!third:comb hair on wigs in right way!(this is very important,many people tangle problem caused by wrong way comb hair)here we repeat again,when comb hair,use wide and Iron teeth brush!please start from bottom,and just comb very little,and after smooth,then more uper step by step,the end is hair roots!forth:use towel make hair dry,not rub by hand !

2: how to reduce human hair lace wigs shedding?

When we talked hair shedding,please note even hair grown from our own scalp,it is still will shedding,it can not avoid.but hair shedding should acceptable.if exceed scope,then it is have problem.

Do you know in which situation will caused badly hair shedding ?

1:deeply bleach knots.some women more like to made their wigs looks more in order to make it sense,they choose bleach hair on wigs by themself.if you can not control the time.then the knots will be broken.

2:double knots

Double knots is basic demand on all human hair lace wigs,this way can make hair more strong.

3:use mild shampoo

Use wigs shampoo all people will know that,but some women may not note the PH of shampoo.

Acturally,wigs only can use mild shampoo,acidic or alkalinity will increase the rate shedding.

4: collect the hair wigs right way.

Sometimes maybe you will not wear the wigs,then you will collect.please far away from sunshine,put the wigs in gloom place.

5:when comb your hair on wigs,please slightly,not powerful,that can reduce hair shedding and lace broken.

Acturaly there have so many factors to cause your wigs quality problem,but we can control some tips to extend our lace wigs life.

Lace wigs bring us attractive take care of lace wigs means take care of beauty!


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