How To Take Care Of Human Hair Bundles

For those woman who have short hair style,in order to make their hair longer,they will consider to wear

human hair bundles or human hair lace wig.normally A full head hair need around 300gram human hair

bundles,(for less People maybe need around 400gram,but that will very thick).

No mater you wear human hair bundles or full lace wig,right way to care the hair is necessary,now let us

see how to care human hair bundles.

As the human hair bundles most is sew in,so when the air very dry or temperature is high,it is easy to

loose.and if the line loose,it will show not natural.after you wash the hair you should not use hair dryer.

During you wash the hair,you’d better not rub the hair,after shampoo on hair,you should wash the hair

from the top to bottom mild and slightly,also you can not use the finger scratch your scalp,you should

use the special hair extension comb,comb your hair little by little until smooth.

Normally human hair bundles can wear around 6months,6month later,you should install new human

hair bundles,most people don’t know why should change,here we do some explain for you,hope can

help you understand better.we both know human hair bundles is sewed by line and glue,and as it is

sew into head,so when you wear some time,your own hair will grow,then the knots will show out,it will

not natural,and when you wear the hair bundles,you will cut into the hair bundles into a few pieces,the

end of it will shedding,if you not use glue,it will shedding every day,after a few month,the hair will lost.

hope the above tips can help you further know the human hair bundles better,and also can help you

enjoy human hair products.


Service team