How to prevent hair greasy

many people normally will meet some problem on hair,and during these problem,hair greasy bring us many trouble,that let our hair seems no are some tips help us improve this problem.

1: people who have greasy hair should avoid oil food,you should eat as many as fruit and vegetable,and dring more and more water this way can help Sebaceous gland secretion ,and should wash hair everyday.

even wash twice each day when in summer or windy day.but when you wash the hair,please use mild water.

2:hair conditioner:yu should use the conditioner have the shrinkage function.that can help tighten scalp pores and reduce Sebaceous gland secretion. yu can use mild water mixed with vinegar to wash hair,this way can reduce greasy ,and let your hair seems more brilliance.if you use the hair conditioner on market,please keep in mind,yu should put the conditioner on hair ,not on scalp.

most people when met hair greasy,will urgent to buy strong shampoo.this way made your scalp short of water.will intensified greasy when we choose shampoo,we should not consider the influence on hair,we should consider our scalp at first.but when yu buy hair conditioner,yu should consider hair at first.especially the situation of hair bottom,we should choose the hair conditioner contains protein hydrolysate and a variety of smino acids,will have a good influence to improve your hair.

3:yu should avoid hair under high temperture,avoid hair follicle nutrition excess,in order to effectively prevent agnail.when you go salon care your hair,often combined with steam,so that Nutrient substance can deeply funtion.but some stylist thought if often heat the hair in high temperture.the hair conditioner with scalp steam together,that made the scalp pores open,Excess nutrients will cause Inflammation of the scalp.

the people who have oil scalp,the temperture should be mild when wash or steam that will not have scalp problems.

4:Essential oil repair :choose the function of recovery dry damaged,not oil,not dirty made the dry and damaged hair more smooth,Enhancement of wave stereo feeling.

5:yu also can addk some essential oil in the shampoo or hair conditioner,that can have a good anti-inflammatory effects.Rapid relief of symptoms such as itching, greasy.


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