How To Make Synthetic Lace Wigs Looks Natural?

How to look synthetic lace wigs looks natural ?that is one of the most questions womens ask us.

No matter we wear human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs,we all want our wigs looks as natural as they can,for human hair wigs,as material is made by human hair so it is more let us pay more attention on synthetic hair lace wigs.

1:from hair material

We know synthetic hair material also have so many kinds ,it have chinese material,korea material.and japanese material,and the material have stand high temperature,low temperature material,less shine material,so when we choose hair material,we should choose less shine and stand high temperature hair material on synthetic lace wigs.

2:choose right cap construction

We know wig cap is a very important way to help wig looks more natural,normally for synthetic hair lace wigs,in market have all machine wigs,lace front wigs,and synthetic full lace wigs.all machine wigs is the cheapest,but not real at all.synthetic full lace wigs is a little lace front synthetic wig will be the best choce on both price and front it with lace,so when people see the scalp,it will shows access to your scalp color.back normally have two kinds constructon,one is open wefts,and another is close weft,from realistic view we recommend you choose close weft.but if you want better breath,then open wefts is better.

3:please note hair color.

Acturally synthetic hair color totally different with human hair wigs hair color,so you should not move hair color on human hair to synthetic hair directly,here we do an example,for color1#,if you choose color1#,even with the toppest hair material,it is still too dark,we both know natural human hair impossible black like if you want synthetic hair wigs black color,we more recommend you choose color2# or 1B#.

4:reasonable hair density.

When customer order from us ,they mostly would like to choose very heavy density,such as 180% and 200%,they thought the more thick the better,acturally it is not!first if the wig too thick ,it will press your head,then your head will feels not comfortable,second f the hair too thick,it is more than our own hair,that no help for natural.

5: small tips help you looks more natural looking

Choose the lace color access to your acalp color(not skin color),second,you can choose synthetic lace front wigs with bangs,that can help you cover the front part.avoid choosing too colorful and fresh color,the more normal color the more better.not choose too long length.

Above is our advice to make your synthetic hair wigs looks more natural,we welcome you exchange more ideas with us .


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