How to make human hair lace wigs looks more natural and reality?

When people wear lace wigs ,no matter it is human hair lace wigs or synthetic lace wigs,the first thing they want is reality,that is also the

reason why lace wigs products keep order to help you become more reality,there have some tips for you reference.

1:natural human hairline on lace wigs

Natural hairline is the basic demand for human hair lace wigs,besides natural hairline,also have windows peak.

2:human hair lace wigs with baby hair

Human hair full lace wigs with baby hair is another basic demand by customers ,normally have two kind baby hair,one is baby hair in

front,another is baby hair around premier.

3:bleach knots human hair lace wigs

Bleach knots most be used on human hair full lace wigs,bleach knots to made the hair knots more access to your scalp,this also the

basic demand on human hair full lace wigs

4:human hair lace wigs with bangs

Besides the above base tips on human hair lace wigs,human hair lace wig with bangs is another good way to improved the reality,it

can hide the track in front,so it will more natural.

5:silk top on lace wigs

The biggest function of silk top it is to hidden the hair knots,that means when people see from your scalp,the hair will look like grow

from your scalp,and the most important thing that silk top can choose different color to match your scalp color.

6:ombre/two tone color human hair lace wigs

This is the only way customer to make wigs more natural,and this most be used on white people,normally let the roots dark,and then


If you have more advice to make wigs more reality,welcome communicate with us!


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