How to make full lace wigs?

Full lace wigs is 100% hand made,more and more customer would like to do full lace wigs in person,and we also had seen some

information about people how to do full lace wigs,the most customer do full lace wigs by this way.:

They will buy some cap(lace cap already finished without hair),and then buy some human hair weaves,the cut into the human hair

weaves pieces,and sew the weaves pieces on the cap,but the true way to do full lace wigs is not such easy,true way to make wigs

more sophisticated and let us see.

1:design the full lace cap

When start do a full lace wigs,the most important thing to do the wigs cap.there have two kind full lace wig caps in market for now,

one is with fold,and another without fold,it is clearly without fold will more comfortable and realistic,and all our cap is without fold,

that because we do all the wig cap through ultrasonic,that made the cap more smooth.

2:draw sketch of hair in different region

We both know there have 6 region on a cap,and each region should be have an exact way to sew hair,so that can ensure all the

head hair is average and natural.

3:sew hair in cap as demand

After draw the sketch of hair cap,then workers will sew the hair to the cap by hook,please note,here each hair hook on the hole of

the lace,when you take a full lace wig in your hand,you can see that in person,each hair hooked on the lace hole,and we both

know the hole on lace is such you can imagine how big work it is ,that is why the wigs more expensive.

Also the reason why a custom order need 18-20days,so each wig you wear is not only full lace wigs but also art.


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