how to made of human hair bundles

human hair bundles as the hottest hair extension in the world,it is in high demand everywhere.some people have own hair,and they want to made their own hair of human hair bundles,so let us know how to do this way,also can help you take care of your human hair bundles more better.

first you should choose the weight of the hair material,usually 100-110gram is the most,and then wash and disinfect the hair material.

second made the hair material even,when you put the hair on the machine,please leave around one or two inch away the line track,because for now people are most like double weft,double weft is more strong than single weft.

third put the glue to the box on the machine,normally in order to made the hair less shedding,when sew the line ,at the same time also have glue press on the this way can let your hair strongest.

four sew the hair material straight,during you sew the hair,you should keep the hair average all the time,if not,the hair will some place too thick ,or some too thin.

when people buy our human hair bundles,they usually like to ask one same question,how wide when the bundles stretched,and we normally said,it can adjust according to your demand,during you sew the hair,you can cut the length as you want.

after your sew the hair,you should use the comb to clear all the hair on surface.then a human hair bundles is finished.


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