how to judge our own hair?

normally there have four kind hair : they are oily hair,neutral hair,dry scalp,mixed hair.

besides netural hair,oily hair always bring us uncomfortable,such as scurf and itchine,greasy feeling.dry scalp most bring hair split,combs dry and lackluster hair.

oily hair:oil hair and dandruff will become more after wash hair,and when use hair dryer,it is also easy to deformation,and glossy,diameter of hair more thin,and weak,though more sebum can protect hair,and made hair not easy broken,but thin hair need less sebum to cover,then sebum more than demand,and water less than sebum,then hair will shows oil,

netural hair: netural hair is more soft and silky,not greasy also not dry ,easy to style ,this kind hair is normal and health hair,water and oil is normal ,maybe will have less dandruff.

dry scalp:sebum is very little,hair seems very rough and thick,there is no stretch on hair,and less roots easy to curl,hair end split or tangle,easy to broken ,often under the sun or big wind ,air dryer all can broken the sebum on hair,caused water lost from hair,then hair will dry and damaged,dye and perm hair also belongs dry hair,because during dye and perm hair in alkaline condition,will broken some hair construction,and will let hair lost the ability lock water.

mixed hair:scalp very oil,but hair very dry,hair roots will very oil,but from root to end hair becomes dry and split,people in menstruation or adolescents most are mixed hair,besides these ,excessive dye or perm hair,but not care hair well,also will comes this problem,

please note: dandruff not belongs to hair,it belongs scalp problem,there have four reason 1:scalp ill cause,2:scalp too dry,scalp fall off,3:sebum too much,4:microorganism growth on scalp.


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