how to install human hair bundles ?

human hair bundles is the most used human hair extension,most people like to wear human hair

bundles,but not all people know how to install them,here we share some way for different kind of people

to install human hair bundles.

normally there have two kind people to wear human hair bundles,some people have own thick hair,some

people no thick hair(for this kind people they normally need a lace closure together with human hair

bundles),so there have two way to wear.

1:the people have their own thick hair.

before we wear the human hair bundles,we should wash our own hair,and made a clearly and natural

hairline,then comb the hair smoothly,we should choose a track to add the bundles,and then start to braid

our own hair,after you braid your own hair,then you should measure the track of your own hair at first,and

according the track length,cut the human hair bundles into pieces(please note,after you cut the bundles

maybe will have less hair shedding,that is normal,because the bundles is sew by line,and if you worry

the hair shedding too much,yu can sew the end),and then sew the human hair bundles on the braid you

do,and step by step for a whole head.

2:the people is bald.

people who have bald problem also can wear human hair bundles,first they should prepare a wig cap,

and then put the wig cap on the scalp,before put the lace cap,you should use glue to tape the wig cap on

the scalp,and also cut into the human hair bundles in to a few pieces,sew the hair bundles to the wig cap

directly(as i said ,for this way bundles together with lace closure is the best choice).

no mater which one you belongs,if you not professional,we not recommend you do,finally if you have any

question or doubt of human hair bundles,yu can leave us message.


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