How to get kardashian hairstyle on human hair lace wigs?

We guess less women not care fashion,when you pay attention to hollywood.kardashian sister will always have topic in most times.we normally get some customer ask for us do kardashian hairstyle on human hair lace this time we help you to get the ideal kardashian wig for yourself.

We both know there have three kardashian,they are kim kardashian,kendall kardashian,and khloe kardashian,everyone have their own fans.and each of theri wig have their own feature.before you get the perfect one for yourself,let us see every kind hairstyle of them.

1:kim kardashian hairstyle

2:khloe kardashian hairstyle

3:kendall hairstyle

So have you found some thing?

For kim most have style is long length,and black hair more comes with her,for khloe hairstyle,most times are blonde,and also with ombre mixed color,kendall is much sample,no too complexd hair color.

So the key is coming,how to get wonderful kardashian hairstyle on human hair lace wigs?

1:you supply us picture,we custom as your picture.

For this way ,black color more easy,most times have stock.but for ombre color usually need custom,and need around 20 days shipping.but please note,true lace wigs will have little difference with hair color on picture.because of color difference.and another factor you should consider is the quality,we know that hair if dye or bleach,it is more easy to influence quality,so for blonde or ombre color ,we more recomend you choose virgin hair,that can last longer and also can more match your demand.

2:you can buy human hair lace wigs and let your stylist dye for you .

Acturally most women love to dye some hair,for hair is have one more color,it is easy to deal with,such as two tone color kardashian lace wig.but if the hair color have 3 or 4 color,then this is a little hard,you are hard to control the dying in right our advice is that,if you are not professional on dye hair,stop do that !

3:use hair extensions.

There have so many human hair extensions in market,and you can choose most of them to add your hair length or change your hair style.but for here if you want do kardashian hairstyle,we recommend you choose human hair bundles hair extension only.because this kind of hair extension more flexible,you can use it to make a lace wigs,and also can use that to sew in your own head direct.with this kind of hair extension,you can easy to bleach and dye,so that to get the most satisfied hairstyle like kardashian.

Finally ,no matter which way you use,please keep in mind one thing,if you are not familiar with hair,please let your stylist do !


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