How to do glueless human hair lace wigs?

Wigs have keep changing many years,from machine wig cap to full lace wig cap ,from normal lace to super fine swiss lace wig.from synthetic lace wigs to human hair lace wigs.but if you ask women whether they want wear full lace wigs with glue.we think most women will tell you they don’t want wear full lace wig with we have some great way to help you can wear full lace wig without glue.

1:combs(clips) with adjust strip

Combs on wigs and together with adjust strip is the most used on wigs help many women no use tape or glue.but the have a small problem ,it is still need tape or glue in front around hairline.

2:design the special wig

There also some women would like to design some special wig cap to glueless,such as mono front back by machine wig,silk stop in front back by machine wig.and also some women more like hard lace in front back with strech.and ear with a metal strip to keep the shape(here is the wig cap picture).

3:wig grips on lace wigs

We believe some women is the first time to hear this things,so please all us to explain how it is ,please see the picture :

It is a double flannelette material and with a magic tape in back.

Before you wear a lace wig,put the wig grips around your head.the position similar like on above picture.then check the magic tape tight on your head.after do this ,put the lace wig on head direct.this can help your lace wig stay on head strongly.maybe you will ask,will the grips can last long ?grips can last a long time,and you just need wash the grip when the grip dirty or wet but your sweat.and after you wash,the grip can work perfect again.

The above tips are the most we had met,but if you have some good advice or ideas,please message or email to us ,we would like to listen your voice!


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