How to choose synthetic hair lace wigs?

Human hair lace wigs had keep hot a long time,and we believe this hot will keep a very long time.but not all women love human hair lace wigs,for some reason synthetic hair lace wigs more popular during some place and some people,as human hair material belongs non synthetic hair lace wigs will be always a part of fashion.

Though a synthetic hair lace wig value is very less compared with human hair lace wigs,but it is still necessary that to know more things about synthetic lace wigs.

As all machine synthetic wig really less people care quality,so we only talk about synthetic lace front wigs and synthetic full lace wigs.

So in which situation people more like to wear synthetic lace wigs ?

It is : some hair color that human hair can not make sense,cosplay needs,make up needs,and also some people who only interested in synthetic hair wigs.

Now let us know what you should note when order one synthetic lace wigs

1: hair density on synthetic lace wigs

This is one of the most question we met from people who wear synthetic lace wigs.some people maybe wear human hair lace wigs before ,so they use the same standard on synthetic hair lace wigs.then it is wrong.

Synthetic hair material is more heavy and thick than human hair,so if in same hair density,the synthetic lace wigs will more heavy and thick for human hair wigs.

So if you want light density,then yu should choose 100-120%density.

2:is the synthetic hair can stand high temperature ?

We are very promise that synthetic hair can stand 180 you can do wave,curl,or straighten processed on synthetic hair.but please keep one thing in should take control of the time,if the time you do wrong,then hair easy to be if you never do that before.we not recommend you do by yourself.

3:can synthetic hair can dye color?

As the technology improved,dye synthetic hair had become necessary.but it doesn’t like human hair,can easy to dye any hair color as you want.synthetic hair only can be dye from light color to dark can not dye dark to lighter color.

Then maybe you will asked,how to take care of synthetic hair lace wigs?

Acturaly take care synthetic hair lace wigs similar like human hair lace wigs.such as use steel combs,comb hair from bottom ,and then step by step till hair roots,and so on.

Here we should share some more tips.

If you wear synthetic lace wigs a long time.then we not recommend you choose very we know synthetic hair wigs is thick at first,so if you do very long,then one wig weight will around 500g,that is not good for your scalp.and also the longer you choose,the more chance will cause tangle.but if you do cosplay or just wear one time,then this is not a problem.

Once you had made the synthetic hair tangled.then it is also have easy way to make it smooth.

We both know as it is not expensive,so if have tangle problem,yu can use the scissors to cut the hair tangle knots,then it will smooth.

Well,if you often comb the hair on synthetic hair lace wigs.then we hope you can spray some water of conditioner on the that it is will not dry,then also will reduce the opportunity of tangle.


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