How to choose synthetic hair lace wigs?

When more and more people focus on human hair lace wigs,synthetic hair lace wigs also is popular

demand in market,it is still many people like wear synthetic lace wigs,but not all people know how to

choose synthetic lace wigs in right way.

Normally there have two way to wear synthetic wigs,one is one time use,for this kind is easy to choose,

and another is wear everyday like human hair full lace wigs. As it is frequently use,so it should be more

careful to choose.

For synthetic lace wigs the base cap construction is the same with human hair lace wigs,mainly have

all machine made ,lace front back by machine,full lace wig and so on.

The price also is different machine wig is the cheapest,so for one time use,it is a good choose,this kind

cap also be large used in African.

in USA and UK market synthetic lace front wigs and synthetic full lace wigs is the most demand.

As synthetic hair material,have normal synthetic,high temperature hair,kanekalon hair.

We only supply high temperature and kanekalon synthetic hair lace wigs.because these hair can stand

high temperature,and do all kinds wave and curls as you want,and another reason is that these kind hair

material seems more natural,for hair color,synthetic hair color have more choose than human hair,

besides based color,for some skill limited,human hair can not do some crazy color,so for some people

who want special and cosplay wigs is a good idea.

But please note,not all people can wear synthetic lace wigs,some people is allergy for synthetic hair,so

before you do a decide,please do a test on your skin.


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