how to choose shampoo for our hair

in last week,we had talked how to confirm your hair,and after confirm your hair then how to choose a shampoo also important.

most people don't care the hair shampoo,they think their hair no problem,so any kind shampoo is ok for them,maybe at the beginning there will no harmful to your hair,but after a long time,there will come many kinds of hair problems,such as itchy scalp,dandruff,hair loss,hair dry and so on,so in order to have a healthy natural hair ,choose right shampoo is very important.

1:normal hair

if your hair not be marceled and dye,also no dandruff out oil,short-tempered problem,belongs healthy hair,then yu can use some nutrition shampoo.

2:dry fluffy hair

if your hair belongs dry fluffy hair,and easy have electrostatic.yu should choose weak acid shampoo,because alkaline shampoo will take a lot scalp grease,made the scalp more dry.

and acid shampoo can clean the scalp but not broken the scalp grease,besides this in ordinary time,yu should do some hair membrane,the complement hair old and water.

3:damaged hair

this kind hair most caused by perm and dye hair,made the hair cuticle be broken,this kind hair problem we advice you professional shampoo for dye and perm hair,repaired the hair cuticle,let the hair back to health.

4:oil and thin hair

this kind hair caused by excessive sebum ,made the hair follicle tissue damaged ,the hair become thin.we suggest you choose cleaning ability shampoo,don't use a moist or repair function.if oil general,not too much , use only has a care and containment.

5:shedding hair

there have so many reasons caused shedding hair,and hair shampoo only plays very little importance,

yu can choose shampoo prevent shedding.

there have a few tips for you

1:if you choose right shampoo,and use right way to wash hair,then it is ok,no need wash hair everyday.

2:during wash hair not use comb to comb hair,or it will broken hair cuticle.


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