How To Choose Right Wig Cap ?And Wear Lace Wigs Will Damaged My Own Hair?

In last week,we had worked with one hot youtubers,she asked for us a full lace wig,but when she received,she told me she want is glueless lace wigs,not full lace wigs,so how it is a funny !we never met this problems ,as a youtuber even don’t know the difference between full lace wigs and glueless lace in order to avoid same problem comes in future,today let us talk what the right wig cap you should choose.

We all know people who wear lace wigs have two is they have their own hair,another is they no their own hair.

And lace wig cap widely to say have there kinds,full lace wig,lace front back by machine wig,and glueless lace wigs.

So if you are bald we recommend you choose full lace wig cap,because full lace cap have the best is better for your scalp.if possible we recommend you add thin skin around the head,that can keep the wig more realistic and at same time can keep the most comfortable expereince.

If you have your own hair,then you can choose every three kind wig cap you want.but if you are greasy,then we recommend you choose glueless lace wigs.because your oild hair,so you need wash your own hair more this way,glueless wig is better than full lace wig,as we know compared with full lace wig,glueless lace wig have abvious advantage,because of glueless.

You can take it before you sleep,and take on in morning,by this way you also can reduce hair tangle problem!

Then maybe you will ask since glueless lace wig is good for me,which one is better ?

There have two kinds you maybe will choose,one is glueless full lace wigs,it is made all by hand.for this kind wig cap,is more thin and comfortable to wear.and another is lace front back by machine with stretch or without stretch.acturally we recommend you choose wlace front with out stretch,because this kind have a better breath of your hair,than can help less greasy problem.

But this kind cap is not as realistic as glueless full lace if the economic allow,we recommend you choose glueless full lace wig.

Most people will worry one question,wear lace wigs will damaged our own hair? The answer is absolutely no! Opposed wear lace wigs is good for your own hair!let us explian to you .then you will understand why we said that.

1:all human hair lace wigs is made 100% by hand,no chemical.and as you wear lace wigs,then your own hair avoid many bad influence,such as strong sunshine,and we all know strong sunshine will leads to your hair become dry and branching.

2:as you wear lace wigs,there have less times you wash your own hair,that can help less hair shedding,just can reduce the chance(can not avoid you shedding hair)

3:no matter you want to change hair color or hairstyle on your own hair,you have to face one problem,that is your own hair will be damaged,but one wig easy to solution this problem,you can choose any hair style and hair color as you want on lace wigs,that will no damaged on your own hair,so you get your ideal hair color and style,also not damaged your own hair,why not do ?


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