How To Choose Right Human Hair Lace Wigs Hair Styles In Different Length

It is not a secret women wear human hair lace wigs now.and it become more and more popular.

There are more factors decided your final choice.such as hair color,hair density,wig cap ,hair material and so on,but another important factor,it is the hair style on lace wigs.acturaly there are so many kinds of hair style for you to choose.such as straight,wave,yaki,and we are happy to give you some advice,and especially on different length of lace wigs.

First let us part lace wigs into three kinds according to their length.they are short lace wig,medium length lace wigs,and long length wigs.

1: style for human hair short lace wigs

Normally hair length from 8-14inch we all can named short lace wigs,for these length lace wigs,there have these wig style for you reference:

A:bob style lace wigs,bob is the most be chosen on short hair shows you very brief and capable.

B:straight hairstyle.striaght is the most be demand in all kinds of length wigs and it is never out of fashion.

C:african curl style on wigs,if you want show african curl on wigs,short length is the best place for you to try,it will totally match your own hair.will looks grow from your own head.

2: medium length human hair lace wigs

Usually 16-20inch also can be seen as medium length lace wigs,during these length,there have so many choice for you ,now let us see together

A:body wave style on wigs

Body wave maybe the most choosen hairstyle in all kinds of lace seems so charm on all kinds of age and all kinds of skin color women.never fade.

b: jerry curl on lace wigs

Jerry curl is another kind curls is very popular by african american women,we know do curl style on lace wigs will make the wig loose short then true length,so choose longer hair to do that is a good idea.

c:loose curl on lace wig

Loose curl is another one which will make you carzy,it is very cute and lovely,also easy to deal with compared with other kinds curl.

D:kinky straight lace wigs

If you asked which hair style is the natural accessed to black women,kinky straight is absolutely your best have natural curve on the hair.there is no doubt will help you get more glorify

E: deep wave full lace wigs

Deep wave is also a very hot choose on most kind lace between body wave and loose curl.the wave will loose like more natural.

3: long length human hair wigs

I think most women would like have a full head long and thick hair,so from22-28inch belongs long length wigs.we know the more long length wig you do,the more hard to deal with.

So for long length lace wigs,we recommend you choose natural straight,body wave,natural wave and light yaki these four hair style,because this can make it easy to comb and style,it also will less chance to cause tangle.

Final we would like to say all hair style can do all length of wigs,just different hair length style will seems a difference looking,no matter which hair style you choose on lace wigs,you should take care of that carefully,because hairstyle decide a people outside looking!


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