How to choose human hair products ?

Buy human hair products had become a trend,there are more and more people would like to use hair products do some change on their

own hairstyle.but for some people,they don’t know how to choose the right human hair products for themselves,so this article will help

you to make some choice.

First we should apart all human hair products into three catalog,they are wigs,hair pieces,and hair extensions.people normally will buy the

hair products according to their own use,some people have their own long and beauty hair,they just want make some change of different

hair style,by this way they can buy a whole lace wigs or hair extensions,some people maybe have cancer or no hair,by this way choose a

wig is the best choice,and also another people have hair,but they lace hair in some special part of head,then they can choose hair pieces.

After you choose the most suitable hair products,then you should consider the using habit,for wigs normally have full lace wigs,lace front

wigs,machine made wigs,some people maybe familiar with lace wigs,some people maybe familiar with machine wigs,please choose the

most familiar hair products for yourself,because by this way you can take care the hair products well,also the same sense on hair pieces

and hair extensions.

besides this ,when wear wigs or hair extension,some people not like use tape or glue,so one way we called physics way,and another way

is non-physics.for physics way there including the following products: glueless lace wigs,human hair weave,lace closure,lace frontal,clips

in hair,itip hair,micro loop hair.and others all need use glue or tape ,such as full lace wigs,tape hair extension,keratin hair extensions.

Other factor for you to choose the human hair products it is decided how long you want to we know human hair wigs life is different

with human hair extensions,so if you want change your hair style or hair color frequently,then we recommend you choose hair extensions,

if you less changed your hair ,then wigs is the better choice.

No matter choose human hair wigs or hair extensions,one of the most important factor is the price.usually human hair extensions is

cheaper than lace wigs,but some machine wigs or easy construction maybe cheaper than some hair extensions(that decide by hair

material and hair length you choose).

Finally here we have some advice for all customers,if you never used a human hair products,and you want try new kind of human hair

products,we recommend you do more research or talk with us to learn more details,so that can confirm you will get the right wigs or

hair extensions.that also can avoid many problem,hope every one can get the satisfied human hair products!


Service team