how to choose human hair lace wigs in summer?

summer is coming ,more and more people start to enjoy the sunshine,but still should keep beauty and fashion.

today we share with each other how to choose a human hair lace wigs for summer.


we both know in summer we usually wash hair more frequently than normal,so when we choose a wig,deal with a easy hairstyle is better,and here we list some easy hairstyle for you as a reference:

Bob style:

natural straight hair style:

big wave hairstyle:

for these above hairstyle,it is very easy to deal with,and will not cost you much we know many people like curl full lace wigs(especially arican american curl),if you really want to wear curl wig,we recommend you choose a short curl lace wig,that can made you seem more capable and experienced.

hair length:

we all know if the weather too hot ,our heart will easy to irritation,and if hair too long also will made you more irritation,so we recommend you hair length from 8-18inch is better,but if you really love long length hair,then yu can choose as your thoughts.

lace wig color:

black color will absorb more sunshine,and that will made you feel hotter,so we recommend you choose more colorful color ,than can help you reduce absorb of sunshine.

hair density:

i guess less people would like thick hair in summer ,so light or medium density is the best ,80%-100% is ok for most people.

lace wig cap:

in summer wear a lace wig ,breath is very important,so we more recommended you full lace wig ,this kind of wig have the best breath,and we also recommend you choose glueless full lace wig,because you can take it whenever you want.


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