How to choose human hair lace wigs-buyer guide

Choosing a human hair lace wigs always an headache things for some women,it is important that to make your every dollar worth its value.

Every hour more and more newbies will consider try a human hair lace know how to choose human hair lace wigs is very important.

There are plenty of human hair lace wigs in market for now,it is hard for a newbie to find which one to choose.which one you should choose ? Here we teach you some tips.

Human hair lace wigs is a very personal decide when it comes choose.that means :

What may suit one person might not suit another person

There are so many factors for you to consider before buying a human hair lace wigs,these factors including style,material,lace cap,hair color.that is why it is not easy to make a decision,especially choose one quality human hair lace wigs.this article will help you which suits you the best.

Before start the step,let us do a definition first,what is quality human hair lace wigs?

From our view,no tangle,no shedding it is good quality human hair lace wigs.

1:make clear what the reason you wear human hair lace wigs

Acturally there have some reason for you wear lace wigs,some people are have hair,but their hair is thin,some people also have thick hair,but hair can not wear long and stright,but some people for some reason they no hair.some people just follow the fashion.

2:know how long you want wear one human hair lace wigs

For main human hair wigs for now in market have both remy hair and virgin hair.for cap have all hand made cap and lace front back machine cap.

If you change lace wigs very frequently,then choose remy hair will be a better method.because remy hair price cheaper than virgin hair.

If you wear a lace wigs all time,then full lace wigs will be a great idea.full lace wigs have a more better breath,so you no need worry scalp breath.but if you just wear lace wigs sometimes,not all time,then glueless lace wigs will be better,because it is glueless,so it can take off every time as you want.

3:hair color is one important factor for you choose hair material

Most people would like try different hair color on their lace wigs,some people not care which hair material on their color,acturally it is a very wrong thought.some hair color must be use virgin hair ,some hair color no relation to hair material.such as blonde color,red wine color,and some crazy color,you must choose virgin hair,normal remy hair can not stand deeply process,so if you choose wrong hair material,the lace wigs will not last time,and also easy to cause tangle problem.

4:is hair density the thick the better ?

The answer is absolutaly wrong !we have to stress this again: What may suit one person might not suit another person!

Most women see that some one choose very thick density such as 200%,180%and also some people would like to choose such as 80%,90%,100%density.and then you also choose same density for yourself.

Choose hair density should according to your own hair situation.and also should connected our first step,you should make clear what the reason you wear human hair lace wigs .

If you no hair,and wear full lace wigs,then medium density is ok ,because you wear all day,so the scalp should have a btter breath,too thick hair density will looks the lace wig not natural,and also not good for your scalp breath.we not deny some women love high density hair on wigs,we just advice you not follow others way on human hair wigs,you should according to yourself.

4:remy hair or virgin hair on lace wig?

Before you choose hair material,you should know what is remy hair,what is virgin hair,and what the difference between remy hair and virgin hair.samplely to say,virgin hair from one donator ,cuticle all in one direction,that means it less chance to tangle,and as all cuticle be kept not broken,so it can dye more color(not all color) than remy hair,remy hair dye light blonde color can not as pure as virgin if you buy lace wigs not deal with by yourself,not do bleack or dye color then remy hair can meet your own demand perfect.then maybe you will confused,will remy hair can not bleach and dye? Remy hair absolutely can be bleached and dye!but please note,as the hair not from one donator,so it maybe can not stand deeply processed like virgin hair!

5:cap size! Cap size ! Cap size!

We had met some customers not measure their head size,they but lace wigs according to their guess.then when they bought full lace wigs,they found the cap size is too big or too small.

So we hope every can measure your own cap size in correct way.if you not know how to measure,you can ask our workers,we would like to help.

6:bleach knots and baby hair

Both bleach knots and baby hair function is the same,they can help your lace wigs looks more natural,realistic is very important for wear lace if you no special demand,normally these all have on our wigs.

Besides we reffered factors about choose lace wigs,we hope you can have do some research on lace wigs,because it is a personal decide,one wig in different people will have a different looking.

But please keep one thing in mind,you should choose lace wigs according your own situation!


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