How to choose human hair bundles?

Human hair bundles as one of the most popular human hair extensions,it is in big demand all over the world,compare with lace wigs,it is

more cheap and flexible,and also melt your own hair more choose a suitable human hair bundles is necessary.

1: hair weight

In market for now have a few kinds of weight,they are 95gram,100gram,and 110gram per piece.

The most choose by customer is 100gram,but it is not suitable for every women,it decided how much hair you want in your head,and also

most customer often asked us how many pieces of human hair bundles can do a full head,in fact a full head need 300-330gram.

2:hair texture and hair material of human hair bundles

Most customer will doubt whether hair texture on full lace wigs can do on human hair bundles,our answer is yes,all hair texture on full lace

wigs can do on human hair bundles,but as we know as the different volume hair on wigs and hair bundles,the same hair texture maybe

will show different result,especially on wave and curl.also all human hair material can be used both on human hair bundles and

lace wigs.

3:hair color

No matter you choose human hair bundles or lace wigs,you should choose the hair color match your skin color very well,especially for

human hair bundles,because it is will sew together with your own hair,so choose the most similar hair color like your owns is more


4:hand made or machine made

Human hair bundles have two way to use,one is machine made,and another is hand made,machine made is cheap and fast to do ,hand

made is expensive and long time,but hand made hair bundles is more strong and delicate.

The last in different country there have different name of human hair bundles,so it is also name human hair weft,human hair weave,

hair weaving.


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