How to choose full lace wig ?

For a full lace wig,if you just look at the surface ,you may find it is good.Colour lustre,feeling is

satisfactory.However,once it being washed or stored by wrong method,it will be fade and out of shape.

This is an ordinary problem that we meet.

For most of is difficult to know whether the material of a full lace wig is good or not.only the one

which considers Color and luster,thickness, toughness and elasticity,and preventing static electricity

can we wear realistic and fashionable.

Everyday,we need a delicate face to go out,but changing hair style is not available.Sometimes we

suddenly want to have a fresh short hair style,but don’t want to cut the long hair.For a girl who has short hair style is the same,they may want a long hair style sometimes.So full lace wig

comes into being.It can let you fully enjoy the fun of changing hair style.When we use and choose a

full lace wig,we need to pay attention to these aspects.

1. When you buy a full lace wig, you should choose the one which has similar color as your own hair

color.So even if your own hair is exposed,it will not attract others’ attention because of hair color.

2. You should choose a full lace wig which has appropriate elastic, otherwise it will cause scalp


3. In addition to the selection of color and style,,you also should check the size and quality of the wig

cap.Don’t buy it until all aspects satisfy you.Also,you need to pay attention to temples and forehead.

In these places,hair should be relatively thinner.

4. You must keep a full lace wig clean.Dust in the air and other pollutants are easy to affect the hair color and luster and soft compliance. So it should be cleaned frequently, especially in the summer when

sweat a lot.

5. When there is a formal occasion,you must wear a full lace whose color is normal, so it looks more

solemn.For other occasions,you can choose it depend on your own preferences.

6. For the season,different full lace wig should be chose in summer and winter.After all.beside the effect of beauty,full lace wig also can keep warm.If you wear

a thick and long full lace wig in summer, it is inconvenient to scalp sweat; on the contrary, to wear a

short full lace wig is not good to keep warm in winter.

7. Human hair lace wig can wear a long time because of its good material.Compared with human hair lace wig,

synthetic full lace wig is easy to tangle and it can’t wear long.Also,the price of these two kinds is

quite different,you can buy it depend on your consumption ability.


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