how to care perm hair

more and more girl like to perm their hair to many kinds hair style such as wave,curl,braid and so on.

and we both know perm hair will damaged our hair,so here we share some way to help you care your perm hair better.

1:use repair hair care products

as perm hair bring damaged to hair,so repair hair is necessary,so we should choose the hair care products professional on repair hair,so that can give the hair more nutrition

2:wash your hair in night.

for perm hair,wash hair in night time is better than daytime,after wash hair use the comb to comb the hair,so that can let the scalp get a relax.and after comb,covered hair conditioner,then use hot towels wrap the hair more better.

3:should not dry hair after wash.

some people used to dry their hair by hair dryer,that is a wrong way for perm hair,natural dry is the best .

4:elastin is necessary

if you had permed your hair,then you should note,you can use the elastin when hair dry 70-80%.and then use hand to comb the hair to wave or curl,if the hair dry totally,no use the comb,just use hand is ok.

5:coated the hair styling products

after you perm your hair,when you get up,use water made your hair wet,and then coated hair styling products,that can made your hair have a shaping effect,and also is a good way to protect the hair.


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