how to apply full lace wigs with tape or glue

for now human hair wigs already become a fashion ,no matter what the reason you wear the lace wigs,learn the right way to install a lace wig is we share our way to install human hair wigs(please note,different people maybe will have different method,here we just share our method).

a:when you got a lace wig,the first thing to wash it at first(about how to wash wig we already write in past),many people maybe ask since it is a new wig,why we need wash that?1:the wig in pakcage a

long time,and wash that can let the hair become more natural and elastic.2:the wig before arrived our hand it maybe put a long time,or maybe try on by some people,so wash that can let the dirty


b:after you washed the wig,then we are ready to wear that,here we just say how to wear wig with tape or glue,we will share how to wear glueless wig in next time.we also recommend you wash

your own hair before wear the lace wig,because after you wear the lace wig,some people maybe will not wash own head very frequently(we met some customer like that).

c:we should use a hairnet to wrap all our own hair ,please note.before do this please clean all the oil on your skin,especially around the hairline and side and neck,because if have oil,the tape

or glue will not stick Your skin very well.after wrap your hair ,put your wigs on your head,adjust the lace wigs in right place at first,and then fixed the lace wig by hand.after that,

please overturn the front part of lace wig,let the front lace away the hairnet and hairline around 2inch.use a small brush to smear the glue on your hairline also the edge of front hairnet,

wait a few mintutes to let the glue become a little dry,and cut into the tape into pieces.put the tape above the glue,then put down the front part lace wig by you overturned before .

then use the same way on side and neck,side is easy to do ,but when you do on neck,please ask another people to together with you,because if yu are not very professional,neck part not easy to do.

after install,please use a hair dryer to made the glue and tape dry.please note: before you use tape or glue,please do a test of your skin,because some people is skin irritability.


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