How to apart HD human hair lace wig and normal swiss lace wig?

If you ask us what the hottest lace wigs in market,that must be HD lace wigs.but there are so many suppliers said they can supply HD lace sometimes you maybe confused how to know whether the HD lace wig you get is we would like to teach you the metherd to help you apart real HD lace wig from normal swiss lace wigs.

1:feel the lace

Please note real HD is soft than normal swiss lace you can put the normal swiss lace and HD lace together,to feel by hand.the softer one is HD lace wigs.

2:see the lace color

For original HD lace color is transparent,it can match any color of the you no need to worry choose brown or light brown lace to match your skin color,original lace color will match you perfect.for normal swiss lace even you choose light brown or brown lace ,it is also not as great as HD lace.

3:see the price

There always have so many different kinds of price on market for HD lace wigs,as real factory,we are very clear for the material price,real HD lace price is around 10 times than normal swiss that means the real HD lace wigs price will higher than normal swiss lace wigs,so if the supplier told you HD lace wig is same price or cheaper than normal swiss lace wig.then it must be fake.

So if you had wore the real HD lace wigs you can easy to know whether it is real.and we also believe you will love the HD lace wigs feeling!


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